burning man 2010 – metropol

“The Burning Man Project [involves] nearly 50,000 people [...] [converging] on the dry lakebed (known as the playa) of the Black Rock Desert. Burning Man takes its name from the eponymous, culminating act of burning a statue of a man on the penultimate night. Before that happens, however, an entire city is built in the desert, and ultimately taken down in what may be the world’s largest ‘leave no trace’ event.

Black Rock City, as it is known, becomes the fourth largest city in Nevada during the week leading up to Labor Day. During that time, it is home to much of what you would expect in a permanent city: streets, monuments, public and private transportation, post offices, police force, public works, zoning, an airport, a radio station, stores, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. That said, most everything is a bit different from the real world – at turns more imaginative, ironic, humorous, transgressive, vulgar or just plain strange…

Black Rock City offers much of interest to urban planners, designers, and observers of city life in any given year, but 2010 is exceptional. The theme this year is “Metropolis,” specifically foregrounding the urban aspect of the Burning Man community.”

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